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Psalms 85:8-13

Blessings of Abraham to all that enter our web site.

You are a gift from God that is about to be unwrapped. He awaits the moment that you will gaze into His face and waltz into worship with Him. Come step into the presence of the Lord with your gift of worship.  God longs for you to linger with Him in the palace of His praise. One moment in His presence is as precious as pure gold. It can change the atmosphere around you and bring you into a new and glorious anointing. 

Spirit Steps Praise Ministry  is about preparing and advancing the ministry of worship through Praise Dance in the church.  To bring each person that is seeking God into a higher level or realm of worship. Minister Peggy  promises a mantel of praise will be birthed and come forth as she teaches you the word on worship.


 Come and dance with us

About Us

Spirit Steps is here to teach and train worshipers in the gift of:


  • Prophetic Dance

  • Banner Pageantry

  • Billows

  • Flags

  • The Shofar and

  • The Word on worship

Sound the Shofar
Join us to learn how to sound the shofar.
3512 McLean Rd
Pearland, Texas 77584

Contact Us:

Spirit Steps Praise Ministry

Minister Peggy Willis, BBS. 

281-485-3151 or 713-643-2210


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